RFID Data Blocker Card


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New And Improved Technology | Place The RFID Data Blocker Card In Your Wallet With Your Credit Cards To Prevent Cyber Hackers From Stealing Your Identity | The RFID Data Blocker Card Is Powered By E-Field Technology And Provides The Best Protection Against The Electronic Theft Of Your Credit And Debit Card Data | Prevents Data Transfer Between The Card And Reader At A Range Up To 23 Feet | Works With Any Contactless Chip Card. Cards That Are Swiped Do Not Send RFID Signals And Will Not Be Protected By An RFID Blocker | Attach Your RFID Data Blocker Card To An Optional Full Color Backer Card | Also Protects Passports And Drivers Licenses | One Card Solution Doesnt Require You To Sandwich Your Cards Between Multiple RFID Cards. Only One Needed.